Grand Finale. New Door.

RyuksLegacy PlayerDevHelper posted Apr 27, 16

This server has been closed, if you have found this forums whilst it is up that's great, it means you can join us on the new server!


1.9 Update News and information.

Some of you might have noticed that you can no longer play on SpacePrison because 1.9 came out yesterday/ If you are wanting to play on you need to change your version to 1.8 to play. Once bukkit is released for 1.9 we plan to update to that and with that it means a lot of things will possibly change. This is nothing we can control. So if you loose something during the move to 1.9 we will try to get you it back as soon as possible! Thanks If you need any help changing your mincraft to 1.8 so you can play feel free to ask me.!

- Derbie

Top Monthly Voters of February!

#1 McManish
with 69 Votes!
Free Rank Upgrade from the Store! (Hero --> Legend)

#2 Ignis1837
with 66 Votes!
Free Pet from the Store! (Chose the Blaze Pet)

#3 DiamondSlayer
with 61 Votes!
Free Pet from the Store! (Chose the Wolf Pet)

#4 RX78526
with 58 Votes!
2 Free Astroid Keys!

#5 adaptsync
with 54 Votes!
2 Free Astroid Keys!

Remember to Vote Daily for Drop Partys, Keys, and a chance at the above rewards for Top Monthly Voters! Congradulations and thank you for everyone participating in the Monthly Voting Contest! We will be holding this competition each and every month.

Staff Changes

DiamondSlayer Promoted to Admin!

Switch Promoted to Mod!

Congradulations, Keep making the server proud!

ajaxfan010 Demoted from Helper.
Lack of activity with Forums, Voting, and server helping.

xX_Fizzy_Fox_Xx Demoted from Helper.
No Forum post, Lack of communication, not active.

FurryPanda_ Demoted from Helper.
Rarely on the Forums / Server and no response in Skype Chat.

McManish Demoted from Helper.
Hacking, abuse of power, arguements with staff and players.

First people to Free!
1. Switch_Illusion
2. DiamondSlayer

RX78526 Player YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Derbie OwnerYoutuber posted Feb 21, 16

Guys and Gals we have it Top 30 on this voting site!

That is so Awesome!

I just want to thank you all for voting everyday helping is grow and meet 

lots of new great people!

Thank you!


MGSBigBoss HelperForum-ModGod This is the greatest moment for this server. I, as a fellow player, will thank all of the players for hitting this ranki...
AbelCoolJuan PlayerTitan NICE


Derbie OwnerYoutuber posted Feb 20, 16

We have had a few things updated so i thought i would update you guys.

First we have added all of the Particle trails to the store so all of them are there.

We also added all the pets to the store and are all available.

(Note this weekend is last days for our 45% off sale)

Thank you all!

Derbie OwnerYoutuber posted Feb 14, 16

Yesterday was a great day for the server! We hit 18 people 

that were online at the same time! Thats awesome! Thats the

highest we have gotten since i have been here!

We also got particles installed and can now be bought in store!

I have also made a thread in the forums and i would like some feedback.

Me and MrWaffleFrys would love to make the server even better!

So i am wondering what you guys would like to see added to the server.

This could be anything from certain plugins,gamemodes, etc... 

Please post your ideas here! ( )

Also i want all of you to thank MrWaffleFrys as SpacePrison would not

be where it was today. The Dev is one of if not the most 

valuable part of the server and lots of this would not 

be possible with out him!

So please message him post on his wall everywhere you see him!

Thank you Chris!